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HipHop or Die

2014-12-29 07:44:27 by RayRayBeats

I can't stop making music. I think something's wrong with me. :(



I'd rather just hang out with your girlfriend. Look! This is a picture of her and I together!



you don't know us

2009-09-03 01:52:12 by RayRayBeats

Nor do we know you. Oh well. Check my audio portal submissions. I strayed away from the beats and raps to get experimental with my last two tracks. You may like, you may not ... if not, peep my older shit. "Some fuck you shit" is always a classic, especially if you love remixing nintendo songs!

you don't know us


2009-08-27 13:10:21 by RayRayBeats

I died.


Busters shit on my song.

2009-08-20 17:04:38 by RayRayBeats

i'm not uploading a damn new track til the score goes up on my most recent one. Some busters got jealous and shit on it. It's up to you to raise the score on "some fuck you shit."

Busters shit on my song.

Rap music on NG?

2009-08-17 14:28:28 by RayRayBeats

I uploaded my first rap song on newgrounds today. Actually got better feedback than i thought i would. I appreciate the love, ng. :) CHECK MY AUDIO SUBMISSIONS. Score me, review me. I'd love that!

Rap music on NG?

I've been keeping up with my 2 song a day promise. Now you keep up with your end of the bargain. RATE my shit. Please, i've given you some quality work, now review me damnit! I've gotten some good feedback already. I love you NG, all of you :) Even you corny bastards who remix nintedo songs. I LOVE YOU ALL. :)

2 songs a day, like i promised.

NEW BEATS! Every Day!

2009-08-14 21:48:27 by RayRayBeats

I'm uploading my two beats a day forever until someone uses my shit in an animation or a game. No ifs ands or BUTTS about it. Ya heard? No, you didn't, cause your headphones aren't over your ears. CHECK MY AUDIO PORTAL SUBMISSIONS. Rate me, review me, tell me i'm shit.

C'mon guys, my audio portal submissions have been approved! Give me scores! Give me reviews! If i'm good, inflate my head with some comments. If i'm ass, let me know so! CHECK MY SHIT before it checks you. :)


Four, i now know that i need four illustrations to be scouted ... and i've uploaded the fourth! Review, rate, scout me, do whatever. Just let me know that someone sees what i am doing? I can't wait til my music gets approved :)

I've uploaded four illustrations! Scout me?